20.12.2016 Back
Construction works are started for “Afyon Alkaloids Factory Water Treatment Plant” which was awarded to Doğuş Construction.

The contract of “Afyon Alkaloids Factory Water Treatment Plant” Project tendered by General Directorate of Turkish Grain Board (TMO) in exchange for 29.750 thousand TRY, was signed by Doğuş Construction on December 19, 2016. Following the completion of project design and the certification by Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, construction works has been started within a week.

The project involves the construction of a treatment plant including physical treatment, biological treatment (anoxic tank, aerobic tank, membrane bioreactor, evaporation and crystallization), sludge treatment (sludge dewatering, thermal sludge drying) and one year of operation. The waste water of the Opium Alkaloids Factory will be treated by employing ultrafiltration (MBR) and nanofiltration (NF) systems. Generated sludge will be minimized by evaporation and crystallization, and drying systems.

It is projected that the plant will be ready for temporary delivery within 2018 whereas it will be submitted to the Employer after one year of operation.