Doğuş Construction and Trade Inc. is considered a world-class leader in the construction sector, having completed over 250 mega-infrastructure and superstructure projects since 1951 with a total value of USD 30,5 billion. It has operated within joint ventures and consortiums with many international companies in projects across Türkiye, Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe
and Gulf Countries, and has featured in ENR’s annual list of the world's top 250 construction companies since 2003.

Doğuş Construction’s impressive and diverse portfolio of projects includes 1540 km of roads, 52 km of bridges and viaducts, over 485 km of subways, railways and tunnels, and 21 dams and hydroelectric power plants capable of producing 3350 MW of electricity. Also, the Company implemented 3,45 million square meter building construction including real estate investments. As well as being a leader in the construction sector, Doğuş Construction and Trade Inc. is also considered a leader in economic and social development.

As a result of the benchmark research by Great Place to Work® Institute in several years, in recognition of its efforts to provide its employees a safe working environment and due to its superior Human Resources Practices, Doğuş was qualified as one of the “Best Place to Work” and awarded “Occupational Health and Occupational Safety” special category prize among top 10 companies in the category of 50-500 employees.

Doğuş Construction is audited by BSI which is the world's leading provider of independent assessment services, and has qualified to receive the following certificates: ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System; ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System; and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System. These policies are applicable to general contracting, design, procurement, project management, construction, installation, erection and commissioning works for domestic and international projects.