As the pioneer of new discoveries that shape modern life, Doğuş Group always strives to contribute through its investments in automotive, construction, media, tourism, real estate, energy, food & beverage, technology and entertainment with more than 300 companies and 20.000 employees together with world-renowned high-quality brands.

Doğuş Group is a strong global player with its standard-setter identity who utilizes a wide range of service, information and collaboration network and represents Turkey all over the globe by the alliances it forms with the world's most reputable companies. Undoubtedly; our enthusiastic and specialized human capital with an entrepreneurial spirit is the biggest strength throughout our ongoing journey.

Our adventure which started in 1951 in the contracting sector with the world's largest infrastructure and superstructure projects in Turkey and other parts of the world, continues under challenging conditions in a highly competitive environment. The contracting sector is one of the leading sectors in terms of its contribution to the economy and connection to other sectors as well as the business and employment volume it creates. Historically, the growth in this sector which is quite parallel to global economic activity, is well above the economic growth rate and has an undeniable impact on Turkish economy. Being one of the driving forces of our Group, Doğuş Construction who puts great emphasis on sustainable growth and continuous improvement, carries out projects that serve humanity and modernity directly while combining high technology with its expertise utilizing “state of the art” methods. Furthermore, Doğuş Construction is one of the leading contractors of Europe and Turkey who contributes economic, cultural, social and environmental growth that transforms and develops in each region it operates.

Doğuş Group’s management approach is based on the concept of corporate citizenship that aims to improve the environment from which the whole society benefits. In this regard; our social responsibility projects involve activities that carry the society a step forward and leave a footprint of social benefit.

We are a Group who is eager to invest and contribute our country by providing employment and strive for the better with long-term strategies. As a Group with “change” in its DNA, we will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Yours Respectfully,

Hüsnü Akhan