In today’s world, it is a crucial responsibility for not only each conscious individual but also each private enterprise to increase the quality of life in societies, ensure their social and cultural continuity, sustain natural resources and the diversity of biological systems

In our shrinking world due to globalization; any notion, ethos or action yet socio-economic and cultural contexture of various societies, exceed its local and national borders of impact and trigger universal integration cycle. Multidimensional complex and multifaceted systems subrogate basic social facts and monotic dynamics. Thus; in compliance with sustainability approach, it is not unrealistic to assert that awareness on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption would benefit not only our near surroundings but also the rest of the world.

Doğuş Construction takes necessary measures in order to protect ecological balance in consideration of the interests and benefits of today’s and next generations and aspires to act as a role model for the society. It is one of Doğuş’s unquestionable priorities for this awareness to be adopted by each employee as an essential part of the corporate culture besides to re-examination of each business process within this context. Doğuş Construction has been operating in Turkey and overseas for more than sixty years with a realistic, considerate, fair and ethical frame of mind towards its employees in accordance with legal regulations and legislations. Considering “human” as its greatest asset; Doğuş Construction performs operations empowering socio-economic progress within the framework for transparency, equity, liability, accountability and in line with social norms and goals. Doğuş contributes to local, national and global economic development by generating new employment. Doğuş puts great emphasis on efficient and sustainable resource management by the minimization of any kind of potential environmental impacts, raising social responsibility awareness in every stage of its operations and making investments in employee motivation and inspiration.