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Al Rayyan Road Has Officially Been Inaugurated

Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor that Doğuş Construction took part in the construction of Al Rayyan Road part, has officially been inaugurated by Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdul Aziz Al Thani, ⁣the Prime Minister of Qatar and the Minister of the Interior. The inaugural ceremony was attended by Ferit F. Şahenk, Doğuş Group's Chairman & CEO, Hüsnü Akhan, Doğuş Group's Deputy Chairman and Tolga Akkaş, Doğuş Construction's CEO.

The project involves the construction and development works of the most critical part of 10,7 km of Al Rayyan Road. The works are being performed on a section of 5,3 km that stretches from the West of Olympic Roundabout to the West of New Al Rayyan Roundabout. Within the scope of the project, not only F106-B3-R5-R6-R7 and R8 junction structures including bridges and underpasses are being constructed and upgraded but also an electrical power station, a storm water drainage network and an intelligent transportation system, treated sewage effluent networks, electrical and telecommunication networks and landscaping.