Quality as an embedded habit

We are committed to provide quality improvement, our empowered people act proactively with a professional and cost-effective manner, perform their tasks right first time, every time.

  • Do the right work first time and every time

    The quality of services and works produced is measured and controlled on a plan basis in order to guarantee it is built “right the first time.” We immediately report quality issues identified in the course of measurements and controls. In order to eliminate causes of these issues and prevent reoccurrence, we perform root cause analysis.

    We base our decision-making processes on sound reliable data, lessons learnt and best practices. We aim for continuous quality improvement. By consistently focusing on quality, we commit to excellence in all that we do. To that end, we encourage new and innovative ideas to enhance our quality performance. Furthermore, we monitor, review and improve our systems and processes in a structured approach for continuous improvement.

  • Empower our people to deliver quality outcomes

    Our corporate culture is based on empowering our people to become experts in their roles in order to deliver high quality outcomes. Our participatory business environment enables employees to liberally express their creative and diverse opinions. This gives our employees the autonomy to think and act as if they are the business owners of their positions.

  • Meet requirements and exceed expectations

    The first step is to identify requirements of the contract, design, Client and legal obligations. Subsequently we set project objectives, plan and allocate processes and resources in accordance with these requirements. Potential risks of failing to meet set objectives are considered in the plans. We identify and prioritize risks by their potential impact and probability of occurrence. We accomplish these tasks with a clear priority given to efficiency and cost effectiveness.

    In order to achieve effective subcontractor and supplier coordination, we prepare communication and control plans.

    Through each phase of the project life cycle, these plans are applied and controlled to ensure that we meet requirements.
    Furthermore, we care building long-term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust. In order to meet requirements and exceed expectations, we listen our clients and put great emphasis on respect and transparency.

With this policy, we commit to ensure quality as an integral part of our corporate culture and day-to-day duties.


People, our greatest value

Health and Safety Management is considered as the most fundamental element of our success and an essential component of our business strategy. We implement a comprehensive Health and Safety Management System in various countries and geographies through exemplary management leadership and effective employee engagement in order to ensure everyone return their homes safely at the end of each day.

  • Ensure top-down commitment to Health and Safety.

    Top Management commitment is the main driving force for planning, organizing and controlling Health and Safety practices within our organization. It is our Management’s responsibility to create financial, human and organizational resources required to conduct efficient and sustainable Health and Safety practices.

    As an integral part of the business across operations, company executives at every organizational level express determination in their commitment to Health and Safety and guide their teams by acting like a role model. Then, each employee voluntarily complies with Health and Safety practices, conscious of the importance their managers place to their health and safety.

  • Create a safe and healthy workplace.

    We believe all accidents are preventable if we fulfill our obligations. Accordingly, we create a safe and healthy workplace within all our business units in order to eliminate the risk of harm to all our stakeholders (employees, business partners, subcontractors, clients, visitors and local community affected by our activities).

    We implement a proactive risk management methodology in preventing potentially hazardous events that might lead to accidents:

    • Eliminating risks at the source with “Safety in Design” approach

    • Preparing and implementing safe work method statements

    • Identifying hazards and assessing risks concerning our activities

    • Establishing control precautions to eliminate or minimize Health and Safety risks

    • Providing necessary resources to ensure effective implementation of control precautions

  • Meet legal requirements and client expectations.

    Compliance with legal requirements and client expectations forms the foundation of our Health and Safety Management System. We also consider recognized standards by relevant authorities in both domestic and overseas projects in order to exceed client expectancy.

  • Encourage employee awareness, communication and engagement.

    It is essential for our workforce and subcontractors to participate in the process with high level of safety awareness, communication and engagement to prevent injuries and occupational illnesses.

    Employees are encouraged to take responsibility of their own and others’ health and safety, identify and remark risks in their workplaces and generate new ideas in this respect.

    In order to encourage employee engagement:

    • Defining clear roles and responsibilities on Health and Safety of each employee at every organizational level

    • Providing sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision for employees and subcontractors concerning their obligations

    • Providing effective consultation and communication on Health and Safety

    • Involving employees in decision making

    • Implementing a Health and Safety Incentive Program

  • Measure our performance for continuous improvement.

    We set explicit and measurable objectives, and regularly monitor our overall performance for proper and effective implementation of control measures on Health and Safety.

    We work in harmony with our suppliers, subcontractors and other partners in continually improving their Health and Safety standards by measuring and monitoring their performances.

    We periodically review our operations, identify deficiencies and perform required practices to ensure continual improvement of Health and Safety Management.

With this policy, we commit to put great emphasis on our stakeholders’ health and safety in-house and in their daily lives.


Act Today for Tomorrow

We are fully committed to proactive environmental management in all our activities and operations to provide livable and sustainable environment for next generations.

In this context, we take all necessary measures in compliance with legal and client requirements to effectively manage and improve our environmental performance.

  • Minimize the potential impacts of our activities.

    As an integral part of our business in order to avoid and mitigate adverse environmental effects concerning our activities, we perform practices for identifying environmental aspects and impacts during the mobilization and construction phases, monitoring and managing construction sites with environment-friendly systems.

    We collaborate with our workforce, business partners, subcontractors, clients, local communities and other stakeholders in developing creative solutions to continually improve our environmental performance and promote awareness.

  • Manage our wastes environmentally friendly

    We employ a waste treatment hierarchy, which respectively embodies the stages of elimination at source, waste reduction, reuse, recycling and finally disposal for proper waste management.

    We make vital adjustments in design, procurement, construction and engineering methodologies to minimize waste generation and enhance recycling or reusing by an effective waste management system. In situations where these are not applicable, we choose the most eco-friendly way to dispose of waste.

    For a livable and sustainable world, it is an essential part of our corporate approach to consider waste management as a priority in all planning and operating activities.

  • Reduce energy consumption

    We put great emphasis and make practices on the most effective and optimum use of energy, raw materials and other natural resources in our offices and construction sites.

    In order to ensure efficient use of limited resources, we monitor natural resource consumption within the scope of a recovery plan to identify reduction methods and ensure the continuity of these practices.

    Additionally, we prioritize the use of eco-friendly energy resources in all our activities.

With this policy, we commit to operate in a responsible way in all our activities to protect environment in compliance with legal and international requirements.