“Constructors are the key players of the team who lead the transformation of our world into a better place and secure its existence.”

The human being is the only creature who is capable of transforming natural environments into inhabitable places… Structures created by humans are subject to various technical and aesthetical evolutions in time as they transform from primitive shelters to skyscrapers and from paths to highways. Constructors are the ones who carry this evolutionary history of life and cultural transformation into today’s changing world as well as provide guidance for the future…

We started our business in construction industry in 1951 and successfully completed mega-infrastructure and superstructure projects in Turkey and overseas under challenging circumstances. We place great emphasis on continuous growth and progress, thus we unite high technology with our experiences based on modern working methods we have gained over the years. Implementing the best way for the best solution, acting in accordance with the targeted budget and move-in schedules and identifying possible risks are Doğuş’s unquestionable principles.

The most important component of the construction sector is “the human”. It is neither difficult to choose the right machinery and equipment nor to make a correct selection of construction methods. However, it is pretty challenging to find the right person who dedicates himself and respects to his profession. Thus, we believe our biggest asset is Doğuş family: our workers, engineers and executives who believe in teamwork and continuously better themselves for the sake of our future.

In today’s world, problems exceed their local and national borders due to globalization and have effects on every single human being on the earth. World is changing rapidly and the resources are becoming extinct… Therefore, it has become a critical responsibility for not only each conscious individual but also for each private enterprise to increase the quality of life and protect existing natural resources. With a sustainable approach derived from this necessity, we should aim to maintain environmental and social continuity besides economic and cultural existence. Consequently, it is one of our priorities to take necessary measures not to endanger ecological balance in consideration of the rights and benefits of today’s and future generations, and to adopt this perspective as an integral part of our corporate culture.

This beautiful country and this delicate world entrusted us… Regardless of what you do and what you achieve, you will always be remembered with the things you leave behind.

I would like to express my gratitude to public and private sector, Doğuş Group, my colleagues and my fellow workers.

Yours Respectfully,

Gönül TALU
Honorary President